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The next series of lessons will be held in 2017 when there is enough interest. Please contact John Youngman -55451681-if you are interested in learning bridge.

Lesson 1. is on responding to 1NT You can download these documents below but will need adobe viewer to open them.Most computers will have this program but it is easily downloaded from the internet for free. Subsequent lessons will be posted on this site. The first lesson was rushed and I probably tried to cover too much.This week i will keep it simple hopefully.

Lesson 2. is on leads and signals. It only covers some very basic ways and types of signals but when asked at the table what are your signals many pairs say "we don't have any" so maybe this can help.

Lesson 3. Part 1 covers weak two openings, responses and defence as well as the strong 2C opening and responses.

End of lessons for now..hope the've been of some help

Stayman and Transfers

More transfers

Weak and Strong twos part1

Leads and Signals

Lesson 4. Multi-twos. Several people have expressed interest in Multi-twos. They are fun to play and have the twin benefits of being able to describe various types of hand as well as making bidding more difficult for opponents

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