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BEGINNER LESSONS - Learn Bridge for Free - Start Mid February - Phone Sheena 0408 065 393

Social Supervised Play Session
Friday Social Supervised play Session now every Friday 12.45pm for 1pm start - A short talk on one facet of the game prior to play. Results uploaded to website - Supervisor can be called for assistance anytime. Individuals, pairs. It is a great opportunity for any Pair to play, discuss and fine tune their system without the dreaded timer.

You can download these documents below but will need Adobe Acrobat viewer to open them. Most computers will have this program but it is easily downloaded from the internet for free. Click here for the download.

Some Bridge Conventions

Friday Talks

1.   Stayman

1a.   Simple Stayman

2.   Transfers

3.   1NT Responses

4.   Opening Leads

5.   System cards - Opening bids

6.   System cards - Weak Opening bids

7.   System Cards - Strong 2C Opening

8.   System Cards - Basic Responses

9.   System Cards - Play Conventions

10. System Cards - Comp Bids-Overcalls

11. System cards - Slam Bids

12. Defence Basics

13. Bridge Scoring

Intermediate Lessons

Jacoby - 2NT and beyond

Reverse Bidding

Blackwood Turbo Charged

Quantitative 4NT Turbo Charged

Splinter Bids


Leads and Signals

Scoring Table

Multi 2D Opening

Capaletti Defence over 1NT

Teams v Pairs


System Cards

Our Recommended ABF System Card for Novices(Print 8x10 Landscape)

SYSTEM CARDS explained

ABF System Card FORM (Download and open in Adobe Acrobat reader to edit)

ABF System Card Form Usage Guide

PBN Hand Record Download Procedure

Session Results page now has a new feature “Download and save PBN File”. This file is the hand record for the session, it can be opened in Bridge Baron and other apps. You now have the ability to play and review all or interesting hands again. Click the following link for the procedure on how to download and open. Please call "Hayden Riddle" should you require help with the download and opening the hand record. He is happy to give assistance.     PBN Hand Record Download Procedure

Laws of Duplicate Bridge


Conduct And Etiquette

2017 Laws of Duplicate Bridge